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After the completion of customized work clothes, acceptance becomes a very important process. Before the formal production of work clothes, in terms of design scheme, fabric, style, color, overall style and other options, the user of clothes, that is, the enterprises and units that make and purchase work clothes, can put forward various suitable requirements and feasible ideas, which will be stipulated in the form of contract. So in the acceptance of Jinan overalls when we have to pay attention to what aspects of the problem?
1. Fabric selection: for the same style of clothes, the quality of the fabric determines the grade of the clothes. Therefore, fabric is an important factor to reflect a garment. And the clothes made of good fabrics are much better than low-grade fabrics in wearing life and functionality.
2、济南任务服的尺寸,也是任务服查抄的首要规范,巨细要合体,穿戴舒 适,合适岗亭功课须要,以是宽松过度特别首要。
2. The size of work clothes in Jinan is also an important standard for work clothes inspection. The size should be fit, comfortable and suitable for the job requirements, so loose and moderate is particularly important.
3. Symmetry of plate type: before acceptance of customized work clothes, it is necessary to carefully check whether the plate type of work clothes is symmetrical on the left and right, and some work clothes will appear asymmetry on the left and right, and irregular cutting. If there are buttons or zippers, whether the buttons are symmetrical, and whether the zipper can be pulled up.
4. Workmanship: mainly depends on whether the clothing line is straight or not? Is it symmetrical? Is the needle pitch thin or dense? Generally, it's better to have dense needle spacing, and whether the thread is neat. The looseness and tightness of the stay wire have different requirements in different parts, such as the shoulder, the part where the human body often moves, it's better to be looser, and it's better to be tighter under the clothes. It's better to try to make a piece of clothes uniform, neckline, neckline stitches, underarm stitches, and whether there are inverted stitches at the seams.
5. Overall cleaning: take a look at the surface of custom-made work clothes to see if there are dyeing, fading, dirt and other phenomena. Some work clothes may be stained with oil or some stains that are not easy to clean. If not, it proves that the work clothes made by this manufacturer are better.
6. Packaging: standardized packaging is also a matter to be noted during acceptance. We mainly look at whether the overalls are laid flat, whether there are small holes, or whether the packaging is leaking, which affects the overalls inside.
7. Ironing: the appearance of the work clothes should be smooth. When ironing, put a lining board in the work clothes to ensure that every part of the work clothes is ironed evenly, and the temperature should be controlled between 180 ℃ and 200 ℃ as far as possible.
No matter in product positioning, design, raw material procurement and production, a good work clothes is born. The acceptance process is equally important. In particular, the acceptance and quality demonstration of sample clothes formally determine the quality of mass production of products, which can largely avoid unnecessary clothing modification and rework, thus saving time for manufacturers and customers, Human cost, achieve win-win!
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